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Refer a physician offers you a span of service...

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Social Media Optimization

Let us help you through social media marketing.

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Search Engine Optimization

Let us create and promote your web existance.

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Nich Brand Portals

Our website visitors will search you through our portals.

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More Patient Referrals

let us make a significant impact on your referrals in a matter of weeks.

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About Us

Reduced reimbursements and complex legislations are increasing problems for the physicians and Refer a Physician has come up with a strategy to help providers/physicians to come out of this tough situation. Every Practice requires patients and we are bringing social medial and search engine reveloution for our client physicians to increase patient referrals without paying any up front cost.


We are targeting highly specific population of physicians to increase their patient referrals with a very unique approach and methodology. We are DIFFERENT from our competitors as we offer the a broader span of services with more result oriented approach. we are satisfying our customers with results that are matchless in efficiency and numbers.

Cosmetic Dermatology

Health n Wellness guidelines and web publications related for Aesthetic medicine are rich resources of information for patients. A separate brand has been created for a treatment or condition to provide the core information on the subject. As our sites focus on the specific problem of patients, our visitors are better able to find the answers they need. All our surfers trust the information created by experts of the relevant field provided on our website. Our marketing methodology gurantees you to increase your revenues.

Cosmetic Dentistry

We have created more than 30 nich Cosmetic Dentistry web portals which are the rich resources of information for patients relating to their cosmetic dental conditions/problems/treatments. A separate brand has been created for a treatment or condition to provide the core information on the subject. As our sites focus on the specific problem of patients, our visitors are better able to find the answers they need. All our surfers trust the information created by experts of the relevant field provided on our websites.

Specific Diseases/Problems

We have identified certain diseases/treatments/problems that need special and more power attention to atrract that vary specific population of patients and hence are able to bring patient referrals for our specific specialty providers.


Why Join Us?

More Referrals
Our health n wellness portals will make a significant impact on your referrals in a matter of weeks.
Unlimited Reach
Patients can find you from a list on as many of our 50 patient health n wellness websites at no additional cost.
No Flat monthly fee
You will only pay if we will generate calls for you!
Risk Free
No long term commitment, you can cancel at any time


How It Works

We refer expert physicians to our surfers through our nich informational web portals.
1- Our sites and content is search optimized. Visitors/Surfers find us while researching conditions and treatment options through search engines.
2- Finding information/options matching their search criteria on our web portals, many visitors use our physician finder to find expert physician in their zip code.
3- Getting list of expert local doctors, our website surfers call and speak with your office about follow-up questions or to schedule an appointment.

Our Brands

Our brands presents your knowledge of the field that will bring the confidence to our website visitors that the physician they are planning to visit is most knowledgeable and expert of the field.










We offer a wide range of services to our clients that can transform any medical practice into profitable. Please explore our services details from the left menus.

Logo Designing

Logo designing is an important area of graphic design, and one of the most difficult to perfect. The logo is an ideogram, embodying your organization. Logos are meant to represent your practice identities and foster immediate customer recognition.
We provide quality logo design services to create a better an appropriate web presence for you.
Variety: We have minimum 6-7 designers working on every design project, so that you get ample variety in style and thought to choose from.
Quick Turnaround Time: We will offer you 7 Logo Design concepts to choose from within 2 Business Days.
Fair Price: No Hidden Charges. You jus have to pay a flat fee to get a Professionally Designed Logo for your Company.
Unlimited Revisions: There are no hidden charges for revisions. Your satisfaction remains our ultimate goal. We will revise the Logo until you are satisfied with the design.

Web Marketing

Social Media Optimization
We understand that every business, and every website, is different, and therefore requires different internet marketing services to be most successful in its industry. That is why we offer a broad range of services to provide you with everything that you need, from SEO and link building, to social media.
We recommend starting with a comprehensive Online Marketing Analysis, which compares your website with two competitors. An Online Marketing Analysis will provide you with important information ranging from backlink quantity and quality, anchor text usage, rankings for various keywords, and other elements of online presence to pinpoint the areas where competitors are seeing maximum returns for their money.
We Offer:
Link Building
On Page Optimization
Pay Per Click (PPC)
Reputation Management
Social Media

Social Media Optimization

No wonder that Social Media Optimization Services is one of the most sought after services today for the promotion of products. Social media can be defined as a set of collaborative tools, like blogs, social Networking sites and forums, which allow the surfer to rise from being just a passive observer to someone who is active, who can modify the content, or can share his own thoughts with everyone who has access to that site. Social media optimization is nothing but a form of Internet Marketing, where publicity about a site or product is generated by the use of social media. Using blogs and similar forums, we can find prospective customers, who may be interested in our products, very easily.
Social Media Optimization Services Include:
Forum Marketing
This is popularly known as forming. We help you in becoming an integral part ofthe most active forums on the internet. We select the forums that are relevant to your industry or nicheand your target market.
Blog Marketing
Weblogs or blogs have become active, involved communities on the net. Blogmarketing is now an effective way to build your online identity and create brand awareness. We targetlively, high-quality, relevant blogs.
Article Writing and Article Submissions
Article writing and submission is a fried-and-tested toolthat establishes your expertise and creates online brand value for your business. We provide you withwell-written and well-researched articles that can help you create that much-desired online brand.
On line Press Release Writing and Distribution Press release writing is another powerful tool thatcan help boost your exposure online. The press release should be engaging and have a creativepunch to attract the readers. We help you create attention-grabbing press releases and distribute them to various newsportals.

Website Building

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Print Material

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Global Engagement

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Appointment Scheduling

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Web Publications

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